Welcome 2 our 1st VlogCast™ at FMMK™! Today's discussion will mainly be about the Pandemic and how it has affected the music industry still in 2021. So many things have happened. Theres talks of artists going broke and bankrupt and renegotiating their contracts for larger cash interests on extended contract terms. Rapper Jim Jones created Quarantine Studios and before the disheartening situation with Megan the Stallion, Toronto rapper Tory Lanez was keeping us entertained with content on his infamous Quarantine Radio before being cancelled by instagram. There is no doubt the events of mid March 2020 changed the entire landscape of the world. So what does this mean now that many artists literally cannot perform shows due to the closing of venues for fear of possible sickness and/ or death? Many have chosen to go the "" route known for its raunchier side as a subscription porn site), and have their fans and supporters pay for live streamed performances. Some artists have taken the risky chance of creating illustrious AirBnB style mansion parties which have been broken up by police. If the Covid19 scare wasn't enough there has always been the long standing division of racism in America which itself has seemed to put Covid 19 restrictions at a complete disadvantage with all the protesting over the too numerous to count deaths of Black and Brown Americans. (Out of respect for all persons who have lost their lives during that time, no names will be mentioned) Its almost as if The Pandemic is a Planned-demic. Lack of social distancing has not shown any greater number of deaths, Yet our federal, state and local government officials are still keeping us under wraps and in muzzles with masks that do not prevent any form of disease. I Guess the last question remains is whats their true plight and how long will the music and entertainment industry as a whole continue to put up with the economic strangulation of our society? Time will tell faster than Te... never mind!

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